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Hello…Memory Keeping…Maybe?

Hi Planner Gals!

I found myself in a new to me Michaels over the past weekend browsing and killing time while my husband was at an appointment and I came across this beauty:

Happy Memory Keeping Book Cover

Side Note: Michaels (at least this one) has such a strange set up of planning supplies. There was planning stuff on a on a moving displayer thing, then  there was a a regular planning aisle, and then this beauty I found in another random memory keeping aisle.

Point of that side note- I wasn’t looking for this planner or for memory keeping stuff, I was looking for the new Seasonal sticker book (which I found, but more on that in a later post)

One More Side Note: I find it hard to call Memory Keepers–planners because I see memory keeping as something you do after and see planning as something you do before. But who knows I am new to this thing, so maybe you do plan your memories before? I don’t know.

Ok enough side noting. Point of this post is to show you the gorgeous planner ummm memory keeper that caught my attention and tell you why I NEEDED (umm wanted) to pick it up, and well obviously did.

I saw her (and yes I am now going to call the planner by a pronoun) on the shelf and was immediately taken by her cover. Even now staring at it, I can’t tell you why but I am legit obsessed with the front cover. This cover could have been on any book and I would have purchased it.

Memory Keeper Cover

Then I saw her discs. I didn’t even know we had metal discs in Canada yet (I ordered my pink ones off a Facebook group). But it was really her cover that sold me.

I will admit I was hoping she was a regular planner. I then went on hoping I could find her miniature sister a.k.a classic size planner (ps. she doesn’t exist)

Then I opened her up and saw this dashboard and my heart was completely sold. I have a special connection to Peonies, they were in my grandparents gardens growing up, they were my wedding flower, I smile every time I see them.

Memory Keeper Divider 1

So if this Memory Keeper has a quote on the front about Starting Something New & Peonies on the first dashboard…I’m sold.

Apparently I am going to start Memory Keeping.

Well maybe. I  could really use this memory keeper for many things. I could use it as a regular planner. I could use it as a journal. I could use it for my blog planner. I could use it in many ways. But because it feels so special to me, I really want to think before I start to use it and because it is undated I have the opportunity to.

So you may be thinking.. this girl is crazy to pick up a memory keeper book thing when she doesn’t scrapbook or memory keep (is that the right adjective ‘memory keep’) just because it has a quote and some flowers in it, but I absolutely without a doubt love this book.

So lets get onto some photos so you can fall in love with her too.

I love a neutral planner so I knew I would love the neutral spread in this. I also love that it doesn’t have coloured weekends.

The monthly is so clean, I love the font. In the sidebar it does have a place for Moments To Capture This Month–which I guess would be the planning aspect of the memory keeper.

The weekly spreads are very clean and neutral as well.

The sidebar has three different variations that repeat. First the Loving, Thankful For, Thinking, Going, Wearing, Excited For & Favourite Picture

Then, Favourite Picture This Week & Noted

Finally, Loved These Moments with 5 spaces and blank space below with the quote Documenting Life One Day At A Time.

I mostly like these sidebars although I would see myself covering them if I didn’t have exactly what fit the categories that week.

The days of the week also have different boxes throughout the spreads. Some have lines, some grids of squares or dots, and some sayings of images. I wouldn’t think I would like this but I think it really compliments the planner…umm memory keeper.

At the end of each month there is a place for Monthly Milestones, Favourite Moments, This Month In One Word, What We Celebrated and Memorable Quote.

Monthly Dashboard

If you read other posts of mine on here or on Instagram, you know I am not a fan of the Currently Pages in my regular planner. But this works in this type of book.

There are 12 undated months and the dashboards are all so pretty. There are only two that are  more blank designs without quotes. I love this because the quote ones are always my favourites.

Like I said I was sold on the cover and the first dashboard and would have purchased it just for them and those discs of course. But in the back you get I think they would be called scrapbook pages? I don’t know the Memory Keeping lingo. But they are pages that are already designed out for you and you can fill them in. I am doing a terrible job of explain so I will just show the photos and stop talking now.

You get six pages of the ‘The Best Day’ & ‘ Happy Birthday’, and  three pages of ‘Vacation’

The Best Day

Happy Birthday


I like that they add just a bit of colour like the vacation one, but are still tastefully neutral.

Then you get eight different pages.

One Happy Day

Summer Time

Autumn Memories

Today I am Grateful For

Three different 30 Days Of Gratitude Sheets

30 Day Challenge Sheets

Merry Christmas (which is obviously my fav design)

I think this section is really nice. I love the dashboard prior to the section ‘Letters Words Sentences Stories’ you could really keep these in all sheets back here. Or you could put them throughout as you use them. Also if you had other sheets that you created on your own they could go back here.

So…I think I just convinced myself to start Memory Keeping. Or at least try it out. I just wish it was the beginning of the year because I hate starting planners mid year.

I also worry that my life isn’t cool enough (fun enough, interesting enough, busy enough, etc) to memory keep, since I spend most my days at work and then at home writing. But maybe it would push me out of my comfort zone to go outside the box more and try some new stuff.

Even this planner (umm memory keeper) is telling me to start something new, right?

“And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new & trust the magic of beginnings” – Meister Eckhart.

If you have any tips of memory keeping I would love to hear them, so definitely comment down below. Also I am now thinking I should purchase one of those mini printers (it advertises Polaroid Zip on the front cover) but I have also heard good things of the HP Sprocket. If you have one or a different printer I would love to hear recommendations.









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