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Ipsy- May Reveal & April Review


I am late to the game this month for my April Ipsy but I still wanted to post it (and by late I mean extremely late since it is currently the second day of June) Anyhow. I still wanted to get this up so lets get into it.

As always lets start with the bag. It is a different shaped bag then previous bags. The theme is travel dominate so it has passport stamps over it. I don’t consider myself an orange person, but I love the colour of the back of the bag and also the inside. They have committed to the travel theme with a cute little airplane on the tag.

What was inside:


First lets start with what was outside 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask. This mask is “a luxurious hydrogel mask infused with 24K Gold and Damask Rose Extract for a replenishing result.  The nourishing formula soothes, hydrates and brightens for radiant, luminous skin” (as per the  111skin website) A set of five costs 85Pounds or $165USD on Barnys website.

Next inside the bag was a Lord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Crayon LipstickLord & Berry 20100 Maximatte Crayon Lipstick which you could get in Spicy or Intimacy. I received Spicy which is I consider an orangey-terra cotta type of shade. The website claims it has intense color and long lasting. Also it is suppose to have an ultra comfortable application with a smooth texture. It is hard to determine if this is full size but I seems to be and a full size is valued at $18

Next a liner from Touch In Sol. I have received a foundation from this brand in a previous Ipsy bag last year. This eyeliner is their Style Sepia Gel Liner in Jardin. Which is a brown/green eyeliner with sparkle. It is suppose to be richly pigmented with smoothing natural oils for luxe fomula that glides on with a silky smooth finish. It is also suppose to set so it doesn’t smudge, flake, or smudge. The full size $17.95USD.

Tarte Finishing PowderThis bag also included one of my favourite brands, Tarte. The Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing PowderSmooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder is a translucent finishing powder that is suppose to be silky and have amazonian clay that keeps your makeup in place all day while it diffuses imperfections. Full size goes for $33USD on Tartes website. I love my It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores, so I am interested in trying this against that to see what I prefer.

The last product in the bag was probably one that I was most excited for, an eye care product. Akar Skin Nutrient Boost Eye Serum. I have been searching for next eye care products as much eyes have been really dry, so I am excited to try this one out. This serum is suppose to be formulated specifically to reduce puffiness, dryness, dark circles, and wrinkles. It has goji seed oil, mushroom extract and pumpkin seed oil to name a few of the boasted ingredients. It has an expensive price tag at $85 for 10ml.

They Dollar Value Of May’s Bag

Ipsy May Value.png

May’s bag may be one of the higher dollar value bags I have received, but as always the true value will be in how much I like the products/use them. So definitely watch for my post later this month on how I have been using them. Until then lets review April’s bag.

April Ipsy

April Ipsy Bag 2018

To start, there is one product in my April bag that I haven’t tried yet. If you read my April Reveal post you know I received the Nots Once Finishing Cream SPF30. It had me really confused since it was called a finishing cream. After reading up a bit I found out it can either be a sunscreen or it can be used as a primer before makeup. As I thought, the green tints is suppose to act as a color-corrector to even out skin tone and counteract redness. However it is a very thin formula and doesn’t seem to have much coverage. It does claim to have a hypoallergenic formula being 5-free of artificial frangrance, mineral oil, tar, benzophenone-3, and isopropyl alcohol, so it says it is safe for all skin types. I am not really a primer girl, and because it was such a thin consistency, I have yet to try it.

Biorace MaskSince we are on skin care, lets talk about the other skin care product from that bag. The Biorace Pore Tightening Peal Clay Mask. It is also a product I haven’t gotten the opportunity to try out too much because as I mentioned in the reveal post, I am having extremely dry skin. However I have tried it out and was happy that it didn’t seem to dry my skin out any more then it current was. It didn’t add any hydration in but I really didn’t expect it to. I wasn’t super excited to try this product because I had heard the smell was really bad, but I didn’t find it was at all. I did find however that is was terrible to get off. I kept adding water, water, and more water to soften it up to remove but it just didn’t want to come off my face. As for my pores I saw very slight difference, but on one time I wasn’t expecting miracles. What I did like was that it didn’t cause me to break out, or over dry my skin so I will definitely try it out again.

Next a product I wasn’t a huge fan of- The Aurora Lively Lipstain. It does some of what it claims in that it does have a long lasting effect. However I didn’t find it easy to apply and touch up as it claims. The marker tip takes a bit to get used to since it feels very wet, almost like you are painting your lips with a sharpie. It has that liquidy ink type of feel which if you press to hard makes it feather outside your lip line. I found it hard to line my lips with tip because of this. Even though it doesn’t have alcohol there is something about it that doesn’t feel comfortable on the lips, again similar to if you used a marker. It feels dry and clings to lines in your lips. Also because it is a stain it doesn’t at all show up the colour on my lips as it is in the tube or even on my skin. So if you are purchasing from the website be aware that the shades will look different. I do like that all natural food pigment dyes, but regardless this product is not for me. Also on the side of the packaging it says it is duo-tipped but I don’t see how.

This bag is not lining up to be the greatest I have ever received. Even the next product I have a love/hate relationship with. This blush from Steve Laurant in the shade I’m Blushing is gorgeous. Even though I don’t use compact mirrors often, I do like when a product comes with one. The colour is super pretty and although I was worried about the sparkles in it being too much they don’t seem to show up on the face, and just leave a really pretty luminous finish. However unlike the product claims, it is super soft and kicks up so much product when you go in even gently with a brush. Is is very pigmented as it claims, it is super dark on me and I went in with a super, super light hand. It did however blend out, but then it kind of had a bit of patchy-ness to it. I try it a couple more times to see if I can make it work with my skin tone, as I will be more warm in the summer, but unfortunately this product may have to be passed on.


And finally the last product from last month`s bag- The R&L Moda M19 Shader Brush. I am not blown away by this brush, but it is fine. It is dense and picks up product well. Because it is a bit more dense and tapered, I can use it for more precision shadow in my crease. I also like that it has a textured handle which makes it easy to hold on to. It applies shadow well and I am always happy to have more brushes in my collection.

The Real Value

April Ipsy Bag Value

The dollar value of the bag was $52.93. If the Mask keeps working for me, and I find a way to use the Blush so it is not as bright then with the brush it brings my personal value to $34.93. Who knows once I get around to trying out that Finishing Cream the value may be more. Although I got my ‘moneys worth’ was I super impressed with the bag? No. Are there products I absoultely love? nope, not of those either. So while I didn’t loose out money wise, April’s bag has left me pretty meh.

Do you get Ipsy? How was your April bag? I think May is looking better for me but we will see as I continue to try out the products.