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BoxyCharm April Reveal & March Review

I am a bit behind on my posting schedule and even though my May box will be on its way soon, I still wanted to get this post up.

If you follow my posts on Ipsy- I like to review the previous month and show the current month’s bag and in this case box. I started last month by showing my first ever Boxycharm box and today I am going to share the April box.

If you want to check on my post on the March box, check it out here —> BoxyCharm

Lets get into April’s box.

Boxycharm April Box

First lets start with the main star of the box–the Palette. Boxy is known for including full size palettes in their boxes. This there were FIVE different palette options. I was sent the Golden State of Mind Palette. While it is gorgeous, I was hoping for another one of the palettes that had a mix of mattes and shimmers. This all shimmer and glitter palette is super pretty but I mainly wear mattes. I haven’t yet swatched the shadows (I am going to try to swap) but you can tell some of the super glittery shadows like the silver/blue (pay the piper) and also the white (grlfrnd) would have a lot of fall out without a glitter primer. If I do end up keeping it the shadow I am most excited for would be the maroon tone (heads or tales) – second in on the bottom right.

Colourpop Golden State Of Mind

Another popular brand that was in the box was Tarte. There were two different shades in the Tartiest Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter and I received Exposed.

I had heard that these liquid highlighters were full of chunky glitter but as far as I can tell these are more shimmery then glittery, which is definitely my preference when it comes to highlighters.

The larger photo above shows it barely spread out and in the bottom right it blended out which catches the light really pretty.

Those who received the highlighter also received a liquid lipstick from Adesse. This is not a brand I am familiar with but I like the shade. The shade is called Haute Cocoa.

The light is making it look really dark in the tube, but it is a really pretty mid-tone taupe beige shade. It comes off a bit more clay toned to me & it smells like vanilla. I am always up for trying new lip products so I am excited to try this one.

The next product you won’t see in my photo of my box above. It has been in my everyday makeup space since I received it and I completely forgot about it when I took photos. So I grabbed the photo from The BrowGal site. I have obviously been liking this product. It is a tinted eyebrow gel with microfibers in it that make it look like natural hairs.

The final product in the box- a skincare product. Dr. Brandt’s pores no more Vacuum Cleaner pore purifying mask. I have dry skin, but I do like using these types of masks on occasion when my t-zone is feeling a bit oily or after I have been wearing a heavier face of mask up, to do some deep cleaning. It is a gel like consistency but has blue specs that feel like exfoliation beads, that break when you spread the gel across your face, making the mask light blue. It has glycolic acid to help tighten your pores and salicylic acid which is my acid of choice for fighting breakouts. I also like when companies use safety seals.


So that is April’s Boxycharm. Now how am I liking March’s box.

Boxycharm March 2018

The Brushes.
I love these brushes. Especially the angled one I mentioned above. These brushes are so soft and do such a great job at blending out my shadows. I have been using the angled and smaller brush more often then the flat shadow brush, but they are all descent brushes.
The blush is probably the biggest surprise from the box. I thought it was going to be wayyy too bright on me, but it is sooo pretty. It blends out so easily and it has been my favourite part of the box.
The under eye gels didn’t irritated my undereyes like I had thought they were going to. I went into a lot of details of their ingredients in my last post. But as I did expect, they didn’t really do anything for my under eyes. I wanted to use them three nights in a row like they suggested but I ended up skipping one night in between the second and third, because I got home late. But I don’t believe it made much of a difference. Although I didn’t experience any irritation, they did itch a bit, but I find this does happen with other eye gels for me. Also when I opened these the eye gels were never in their container and I always had to fish them out of the package. The liquid from the eye gels seemed to be in the bottom of the package so I dumped the liquid on them but they didn’t feel like they really held the liquid, and felt dry after being on my under eye after a couple minutes.
Another fail of the box for me was the mascara. I keep trying to make this mascara work for me because I love the way it makes my lashes look. It makes them look so natural and long, but the formula takes forever to dry. Like 10-15 minutes to dry down. It is considered a volumizing mascara but because it won’t dry down to recoat, I haven’t been able to get any volume. I would be ok with the no volume since I like the look of the mascara but it gets all over my lid. I have even tried to use it before doing eye shadow, but it takes way more planning to use then it is worth.
So was March’s box worth it for me? I will definitely continue to use the blush and the brushes. The palette I can see myself using from time to time. So I feel like I have gotten my value out of it. Especially because I love the blush.
I feel like I may not get my value out of April’s box, but we shall see next month when I post my May box!

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