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Sephora VIB Sale Spring 2018 Wishlist

Hi all,

The last few Sephora Sales I have been posting my current Sephora Loves list and products I plan on picking up during the sale.

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Also be sure to comment below with what you are planning on picking up during the sale. Or if you have recommendations for things I may like.

Sale Details

April 13-16 15% off Rouge Only (Code: YAYROUGE (

April 20-23 Everyone  15% VIB ( Code: YAYVIB)  10% Beauty Insider (Code: YAYINSIDER)

Firstly if you have read my other posts you know I like to restock/stock up on products I continually use. This time around I don’t have a whole lot to stock up on because I have been changing up some of my skincare products. Plus I don’t go super heavy on this sale because it is the 15% off vs. the 20% off in the fall.

sephora4.pngFirstly I will be picking up my tried and true Clinique Take Off The Day Balm. I have gone through 2-3 of these and since they last me usually till the next sale I will probably only pick up one.

I also need to pick up my ride of die foundation/CC cream which is the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream. I always pick this up during the sale.

CfirmadayserumNext although I just started using the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum in place of my Ole Henriksen Truth Serum–I will be picking up another of the DE. It is expensive at $100(Cad.) so  I will be saving $15 on it by picking it up during this sale.

I am also considering picking up The Ordinary Buffet Serum, but I just picked an extra up a couple weeks ago when it re-stocked on the site and don’t want to have too many extras on my shelf. I picked it up when it restocked because I am almost out of my first bottle and I was worried it would sell out. However it is only $14.80 so picking it up on the sale will only save my just over $2 and I have lots more on my list I want to check out.


saturday skin essenceSaturday Skin Line – I really want to try out this line especially the Freeze Frame Beauty Essence or the Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist. I keep going back between these two and trying to decide. I have also had the Saturday Skin Sheet Mask in my cart multiple times and still have yet to check out.


Drunk Elephant- Since really liking the C-Firma Day Serum I have wanted to check out more DE products. I have used their Marula Oil and really liked it as well. Although I don’t know if I am ready to pay $90 for it. I am however on the hunt for a new moisturize and am considering picking up the Protini Polypeptide Cream. It has excellent reviews but is $84.00. I am also needing a new eye cream as the one I have been using (Clinque Pep Start) is giving me milia when used every day. I have been looking at the C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream and would like to pick it up during the sale.

Depending on how well I do with my budget I may throw in some of my favourite more expensive one time use face masks as of lately which includes the Dr. Jart Shake & Shot Mask & Glamglow Bubblesheet Mask. These are fun on a self care evening.

Dr. Jart does have this Mask Lovers Collection for $36.00 for 4 masks that I have been eyeing up as well.

Dr Jart Mask Lover

Usually my sale list is full of skincare, but because I have been changing up my routine my makeup list is a bit longer this year.






The only product I am considering re-purchasing from my collection would be the Anastasia Brow Wiz but I go back and forth on this because I love my drugstore Loreal one & with all the other products on my wishlist, it may get the boot in place of something else as I attempt to stay on budget.

Too Faced Natural Face PaletteTop of my makeup list is the Too Faced Natural Face Palette. I did have the eye palettes as well on my list but have removed them since I really don’t need anymore Eye Palettes and if I purchase on it will be the new Anastasia palette. But I do need a face palette so the Too Faced one is definitely on the list.





Again from Too Faced the Sex on the Peach Complexion Set. This came on my list because it is a great deal. You get full size Better Than Sex Mascara & Peach Setting Powder and mini sizes of the Primed & Peachy Primer and the Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray. All for $55.

Sex On The Peach Complexion Set

becca hydramistSpeaking of setting powders I also have the new Becca Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder on my list. It is getting really good reviews and honestly it just sounds really cool and makes me want to try it. If I get this I will skip on the Too Faced set as they are around the same price with this powder being $46.00 on its own.

Tarte Clay Clique Amazonian Clay SetSomething I will for sure be picking up is the Tarte Clay Clique Amazonian Clay Set. It is $16 which is a great deal to begin with. It includes a mini Park Avenue Princess Bronzer, one of the 12 hour blushes in Harmony and an Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara. I love picking these sets up for the blushes, they are my fav. But I am excited to try the Park Avenue Princess.

I have also put the new Sephora Give Me Some Lip box on my list. I have two of these sets and love them but have passed on the last two that have come out because they either had repeats or had products I didn’t think I would use. I can’t decide on this one because the full size product is red and I don’t often wear reds, but I like trying out definitely formulas and I am a lip junkie and I think I would at least use a few of these.


So that is my makeup list. Next on the list is Hair Care products.

Hair Care

I damaged my hair last year by dying it super blond/grey and am still paying the price for it. I was using Briogeo Don’t Depair Repair but I go through it so fast because my hair is so long and thick. So I need to decide whether to replace that or I may try Olaplex which I have been hearing great things about as well.


Scalp RevivalI do have another product from Briogeo on my list. The Scalp Revival. It is an allure winner and I have heard many people have luck with it for dry scalp. I have been on the search for a product that will detoxify and remove buildup while also helping repair my scalp. I have had a dry spot on the side of my hairline for a while now and I want to see if this product will help with that.

Christophe RobinThe final hair product and final product on my wishlist is the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea salt. Again another product I have heard very good reviews. It also removes buildup and soothes the scalp. I probably do not need both products but I can’t decide on which one to try.

That is my wishlist and products I am looking at for the sale. Again I would love to hear what products are on your list for the sale. I will definitely be posting a haul on whatever products I do decide to take the plunge and purchase.




*note the photos show of the products above are not my photos. All photo credit to Sephora and/or the brands website.