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Boxycharm March 2018

After a bit of a push from a friend, I finally signed up for Boxycharm! Boxycharm is a makeup subscription box, similar to Ipsy but instead you get all full size products.

When my friend let me know that Boxycharm had taken away their waiting lift for March, I decided it was finally time to give it a try. Sometimes it can take a couple months to get on the list for the box.

I signed up for a three month subscription and will probably end up continuing if I end up liking the next few boxes. I think I will do a similar structure of blog posts for Boxy that I do for Ipsy–revealing the current month’s box giving my first impressions &  then fully reviewing  the products when I reveal the next month’s box/bag. I like this set up, because sometimes I change my mind on the products after trying them more then once or twice.

Since this is my first month with Boxy, I won’t have last month’s box to fully review so this post will be a bit shorter.

Do you recieve Boxycharm? I would love to hear below which products you recieved this month and what your fav product was.

So what did I get?

Firstly lets start with the products that everyone got the same of, and the main star of the box..the palette.


Boxycharm did a collaboration with PUR and made this palette which doesn’t have a name. The palette has 12 shadows (each 1.5g). It is hard cardboard packaging & comes with a mirror.

It is super pretty palette with a couple really bright shades (The bright blue-MIA and the fushia-BFF)

I was especially excited for the top row of shadows. I have been really into peachy shadows lately.

Swatch of ATL

However on first attempt with these shadows, I have had a lot of fall out, even after trying two of my ride or die primers. I have tried brushes, fingers, and nothing seems to keep the glitter attached to the shadow. It has mainly been Squad that I have had trouble with. But I am going to continue to try to make it work because the colours of these shadows are sooo pretty. I am obsessing over ATL right now.

I was excited to see a full size palette but I was over the moon to see a three piece brush set. If you have read my Ipsy posts, you know I am a brush lover. It really comes from the fact that I hate washing my makeup brushes, so the more I have the less I have to wash.

Vintage Cosmetics Brush Set




Vintage Cosmetics BrushesThe Vintage Cosmetics Smokey Eye Brush Set – on first impression they are super soft and feel good quality. I have only used them once so far, and that was with the PUR palette that I have been having some application issues with, but since I have had issues with the shadows, I wouldn’t blame the brushes yet. Once I clean them I will be trying them out again and will definitely give a review next month after I have the chance to use them.



South Mane Undereye GelsFinally the last product that was shared in all the boxes was these South Mane Under Eye Gels. I mentioned in my IG story that I have tried a couple different brands of these types of eye gels before. I unfortunately have not been able to test these out yet. I have had two weird breakouts under my eyes since that glitter fall out from the PUR palette (which could be unrelated) but I want those to clear up before I try to use these gels.

I have heard some have experienced sensitivity to these and looking at the ingredient list there are a few ingredients that can cause irritation which makes me a bit nervous around my eyes– mainly the methylisothiazolinone which is a preservative and can be know as a moderate to high irritant. The gels claim to reduce puffiness, reduce dark circles and moisturize the eye area.  The Hydrolized Elastin would be the ingredient helping to reduce the puffiness, and there are a couple ingredients that will help with moisture. Glycerin–which is a humectant that brings moisture from the air into the skin & also Tremella Fuciformis Extract (Snow Mushroom–fugus) which has been compared to Hyaluronic Acid that again draws moisture into the skin. I don’t really see any ingredients to help with dark circles. They do contain Mica which is basically shimmer, which would make your dark circle appear lessen, but would not have any long term effects. I will update in the next post once I use them.

Onto the products that varied through the boxes.

Firstly a blush from Pretty Vulgar- Prim Vixen. Everyone received a Pretty Vulgar blush in the box, but there were two shades. I received the shade Prim Vixen. I won’t lie, I was hoping to get the other more neutral shade (Hush Blush) but after using this, I am really happy I got this one. I thought it was going to be super bright, but it blends out super pretty. Again once I have a chance to use it a few times I will update in my next post.

Bellapierre MascaraMy last item is a Mascara. Mascara was another box item that could vary in the boxes, but instead of varying in shade it varied in brand. I received Bellapierre Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara. I have only tried it once so far and it lengthened my lashes but did not add volume and it took a while to dry–like 5-10 minutes which I have never experienced with a mascara.  I really like the brush, it is an old school regular spooly which really combs through your lashes. I want to try this mascara a bit more and see if I can build up volume.

Box Value

Pur Eyeshadow Palette- $36

Mascara- $20

Under Eye Gels- $10

Makeup Brush Set- $23.15 (GBP-USD at 1.40)

Blush- $26

That totals- $115.15 we will see which products I continue to use throughout the month and what the value of the box truly ends up being for me.