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Huge Planner Sticker Haul

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It’s been a while since I have posted a sticker haul. I have been trying to use what I have in my collection but I have also been hitting up the sales when they come up and trying out some new shops. I wanted to share some of the stickers + extras I have picked up in the last little bit and maybe introduce you to some shops you may have not shopped from yet.

So here we go…

Winter Planner Boss Collective Sale 

If you have seen any of my posts on mass shop sales such as the Planner Boss Collection Sale or Great Canadian Planner Sale, you know I am pretty detailed in how I shop these sales. I watch for good discounts & also watch shipping costs & I go typically go in with a plan of what my need/wants are. (IF you want to see my tips on shopping sales check out this post Shopping The Planner Boss Collective Sale- How To Not Get Overwhelmed & Overspend)

For this PBC sale I went out of my typical $5 shipping or less rule and shopped at the Marshmallow Studio.

The Sale & Shipping: They were offering 35% and shipping was just over my rule at $6.21 from Perth, Australia to Canada.

Firstly how freakin adorable is there envelope character. Plus they have a cute sticker of themselves on the back.(I am a details girl, so I love things like this)

I received two freebies- these cut bow die cuts & this sheet of cute bows and roses.

Marshmallow Studio Bows

I purchased 8 sheets of their hand drawn doodle stickers. They are all super cute.

Marshmallow Studio Haul

I don’t even go camping often but I needed these stickers. That pink camper trailer was too cute to pass up.

Marshmallow Studio Camp

Although I have soooo many, like so many coffee cups I had to get the heart coffee travel mug sheet. Pink..Hearts..Coffee..there was no way they weren’t going in my order.

Marshmallow Studio Coffee

The sheets are very different from anything I have ordered, as they are plastic film backed. They are considered their premium matte paper, but I am thinking by the look of the back, they may not be removable. I haven’t tried them yet because I wanted to get photos for this post first.

All the sheets are super vibrant in colour and are beautiful high quality.

Next shop that I purchased from for the PBC sale & that did meet my $5 or less shipping criteria was Rak Paper Stickers. Again a shop I had never purchased from.

The Sale & Shipping: They were offering 40% off and shipping was $4.46 from North Carolina to Canada.

I purchased two kits mini kits, which included four sheets. Firstly Rain, Rain Go Away which is the kit that caught my attention from the shop and I Got The Winter Blooms which is a beautiful floral kit (and I love me a good floral kit)

The freebie that came with my order was this Springtime Sampler. I love it. That ‘You Got This’ sticker  & the ‘Climb Laundry Mountain’ stickers are my favs.

Rak Paper Sampler


The Great Canadian Planner Sale

Next sale I shopped was the Great Canadian Planner Sale which this go around I actually only shopped at one shop & it was a new shop for me. Be Happy Plans.

The Sale & Shipping: The shop was offering 35% off and was $3.00 shipping as it was a Canadian shop.

This shop has such nice packaging. My order was packaged up in folder cardstock and decorative string.

Be Happy Plans

Inside was a cute thank you card which you could use the reverse side with the quote in your planner or scrapbooking.

The order also came with three coupons. One code on the sampler for 20%, a scratch off card for a one time discount, and then a five dollar off  $10 or more coupon.

I picked up 13 sheets, a mix of cute deco stickers, functional, and script stickers, and of course a couple sheets of coffee related stickers.

Be Happy Haul

Of course I had to pick up some coffee stickers 🙂

Be Happy Coffee

These two sheets of cactus and succulents were too cute to pass up. Not sure what I will use them for, possibly to mark when I water my plants, or as cute deco in a spread.

Be Happy Plants

The other sheet I am not going to use right away is the travel sheet but all the stickers were so cute that I figured I would pick it up for the next time I travel.

Be Happy Travel

Plus a few more cute ones

Be Happy Words

I also picked up to non-sticker products from the shop. Two cute bows to use for planner bookmarks or even regular bookmarks. You could choose them in different sizes and either as a clip or a charm. I picked up one large and one small box clip.

be happy bows

That is what I picked up during the two main winter sales, but I have also picked up items from a couple other shops.

Other Sales & Shops

Firstly a small order from Itsjustpaperco. She offers Two Dollar Thursdays with free shipping. So I picked up two sheets. One of teacups and the other of Nail Polish.

Its Just Paper Co Tea

The nail polish sheet comes with 56 stickers in so many different shades & the tea has 48 stickers. Such an amazing deal for $2 a sheet.

Its Just Paper Co Nails

Next I had placed an order with another shop I frequently buy stickers from Simple Ginger Co.  She often has promo codes sales on her Instagram & Facebook Group. She was offering 30% off when I placed my order. Her shipping is $2.50 Canadian.

I purchased this kit to use this summer. I love the jelly fish box. So pretty.


Simply Ginger Co also does a promotion card where to collect five of her logos off the sampler sheet and you can get a free sheet.

Back in the fall I won a contest from the Great Canadian Planner Sale Loop Giveaway and won $540 worth of stickers from different shops. I have been picking up stickers from this for a while now, and recently picked up stickers from Little Red Balloon Ink.

Of course it has been awesome to get free stickers but it is also letting me discover awesome shops that I have never shopped before.

I picked up one kit- In The Garden. I love that the pattern is behind the headers-something different then what I am used to.

I also picked up two sets of date cover ups to use in my undated mini happy planner. Plus a washi banner that went with a Mini Mouse kit but with the pink and golds I think would go with many other spreads.

Red Balloon Ink Shop

Finally I wanted to share my PR pack from The Studyholic. (Just a quick disclaimer–I only PR for one shop & I chose to because I love her stickers– I have used them since I first started planning, many, many months before I became part of her PR team–so all my gushing about the shop are my true feelings)

My pack came with an adorable diecut squirrel. I think I am going to keep him and make him into a card next year for Valentines.

The Studyholic Sample

I picked up part of the Into The Night Kit and feel like this is going to be one of those kits I hoard because I can’t decide the right time to use it– because I don’t want to not have it –anyone else treat sticker kits like that?  A lot of shops have used similar clipart but I really love the full boxes in this kit. Also the medallion sticker is so vibrant and pretty.

I am loving her new format, especially the functional sheet. I love the script stickers and you get a lot of them on this sheet.

The Studyholic Stars

I am also in love with her Mimi stickers so I had to pick up the sampler with all the different mini functional stickers. And because I knew I would use many of the TV ones I picked up a separate sheet of them.

The shop will be retiring the mermaid stickers but I think they are super adorable.

The Studyholic Mermaids

If you want to check out the stickers from The Studyholic here is the link to her shop –> Also if you use the code PBD25 you can get 25% off.

Now it’s time to work all these stickers into my sticker book & organizational system!

Did you shop the Planner Boss Collective or Great Canadian Planner Sales? I would love to hear what you picked up during the sale.